3 Axis CNC Surface Processing Machine


It is suitable for creating motifs, patterns, drawings ( paths ) and pencil milling. It is capable of performing 3-axis interpolation. Through the licensed HİCAD/CAM software, you can create a model on an external computer, load the resulting CAM into the machine and start processing. This machine can process smooth, conical or curved bracelets and rings.

- Panasonic Minas AC Servo Motors

- Licensed Hicad ground preparation software

- Error checking through reporting the movements of the user in real time.

- Capable of processing smooth or curved bracelets and rings.

Main Motor: 1.5 KW 18 000 r / min. Pens manual tool change system.

Field of Study: X-Axis = 150 mm, Y-axis = 360 Deg, Z-axis = 200 mm

Control System: Windows XP-based Intelcore 2 Pc, Hitech controlled 4-Axis Control Card

Software: Hitech CNC Control Software, HICAD Model design and CAM software.

Machine Size: 67 x 87 x 150 Weight: 300

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