Question: opening and closing the machine should pay attention to?
Answer: Check the electrical connections to the compressor and air Ups and Apply to activate it, the machine displays on the left side of the pneumatic air supply pressure is sufficient in order Pako after observing whether the switch and turn the computer. Emergency button on the machine control panel can be opened by opening the control ediniz.Makineyi Axis Errors and before closing the computer, switch off completely after the close of Pako to continue.
Question: If the machine does not turn on the computer?
Answer: Open the machine's power switch wiring and Pako.
Question: I work hard not only during the ground engine or tool change the spindle?
Answer: Make sure that the air is active.
Question: The machine vibrates a lot during operation, Vibration much?
Answer: If the machine becomes inactive until the wheels stabilizer feet
secure it to the floor ...
Question: Which format files, can handle the machine?
Re: U00. Have the ability to read files with the extension.

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